Monday, April 1, 2013

Foolin Around

Happy April Fools Day!! Not quite sure who I'm going to "fool", but I'll think of something. I've got some great April Fool's stories, but that's another post in itself!

On to the weekend recap...
Of course, just as Easter should be, I spend tons of time with family.

Saturday was "Ryan's Day". I spent the entire day with my baby bro...

 We started the day in legit Mexico, I swear. It was super close to the border and reminded me of Nogales...
That is a "restaurant", "barber shop", and "grocery store".
The San Xavier Mission.
 We had THE BEST shrimp tacos, then hurried over to a nearby theater to watch Identity Theft. Y'all, that Melissa McCarthy is seriously funny in this movie.

Then came Easter Sunday. Church service was amazing... Our Pastor has a serious way with words and the music was preformed by none other than Jeremy Camp. Then it was off the make all the usual Family stops.

Egg hunting with this cutie was a serious highlight.
Ohhhey. B!

Hope your weekend was one for the books! 


Julie said...

I decided not to fool anyone this year but I did write a post for Wed about some of the jokes that have been happening.

Stopping by from Mingle Monday :)

Brittney Musterman said...

Have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of April Fool's day! I just isn't my favorite ;) However, I did tell my husband that I got a speeding ticket and before he could get upset, yelled "April Fools!" He almost believed me haha! Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend and fabulous weather to match for a beautiful holiday! Thanks for sharing friend! Hopping over from Mingle Monday!