Monday, March 25, 2013

Re-cappin' It

Happy Monday!! I wish I had something clever to follow that up with, but I just don't :( So, lets just jump into my little weekend re-cap, shall we?!

Friday night turned into an unexpected date night. (Those are the best, right?)

We found the cutest restaurant in the Foothills named Jasper.
The fish tacos were to die for!
Then we decided to see Oz. B has talk about seeing this movie ever since the previews started airing. It was good. Not great, but still good.

Oh heyyy, Abbie!
Saturday was the next round of NCAA games. We met up with some friends and family to cheer on our UofA Wildcats. We won... thank the heavens.

Sunday was finally our chill day. We had NO plans... Until around 4pm... That's when B decided we should get ready. We went to a couple of stores before getting this beauty:

I have worn a plain silver band on my index finger since I was 18. This anniversary band is the perfect "update" of you will. Being with someone for 2 years gets you some shiny things, ladies!!

I absolutely love it, and love him even more!

Well, that was my weekend. How was yours?!


sunshine said...

Found your blog via Mingle Monday... love the new ring!

Sarah said...

Stopping by from the Mingle Monday blog hop! That ring is GORGEOUS! Congrats! Sounds like your guy is a keeper :)

kate said...

Beautiful new ring! Looks just like my wedding band. I got a matching one for my first wedding anniversary and lost it while pregnant :( I miss it!

Happy 2 years!!
Saying hello from Mingle Monday:)

Rachel said...

Gotta love unexpected date nights, for sure! We just saw Oz, too. I liked it. And your ring is so pretty--it looks almost identical to my wedding band.