Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Style

Raise your hand if your ready for spring!!
I know I am... Actually it has been spring time here in AZ. 80+ and no complaints from this girl! Now that it's spring, I've been updating my wardrobe with some springtime staples...

Military Madness

Being a former military brat, I am totally loving the military trend.

 Colored Jeans
I'm totally obsessed with colored jeans. I probably wear them more than regular blue jeans as of late. Any one who knows us, knows that B and I usually turn day fun into night fun... and this is the perfect outfit for Allday Fundays! Just wear the top during the day and throw the jacket on for a cool-downed night! Perfection!!

Maxi Skirts
Once again, anyone who knows me, knows I LIVE in this outfit. Maxi skirts are probably my favorite article of clothing right now. SO easy and effortless.

love-love-loving the nudes/tans/browns with turquoise jewelry.

Now you have my springtime staples, tell me some of yours!

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My Thrifty Chic said...

colored jeans and maxi skirt are def my fave trends of the season!

Thank you for linking up with the Anything & Everything Blog Hop!

xo Tori