Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What's In A Name?

I get a TON of questions regarding my name.

Yes, it's "weird" according to some, but "unique" to most. While I did get a few random jokes growing up, most people really seem to think my name is "beautiful". (Their words, swear)

For the most part, everyone calls me "Nikki" but for those of you that don't know, my name is Nichele. (Nah-Shell) Exactly like Michelle, just with an "N".

Story goes something like this: Momma Bear went to the movies to catch the brand new, super cool, major motion picture; Star Trek. (I'm almost embarrassed to admit this... Mom, stay out of Star Track flicks would ya?)

 She didn't feel like flooding the exits along with the other trekkies, so she stayed put. (She really isn't a trekky, swear!) Cue the credits.... She see this lady's name pop up:

Real Name: Nichelle Nichols
She loved the name, got pregnant a short time later, and BAM--She named me Nichele Lynn.

So true! I seriously never had a single one. NEVER!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Re-cappin' It

Happy Monday!! I wish I had something clever to follow that up with, but I just don't :( So, lets just jump into my little weekend re-cap, shall we?!

Friday night turned into an unexpected date night. (Those are the best, right?)

We found the cutest restaurant in the Foothills named Jasper.
The fish tacos were to die for!
Then we decided to see Oz. B has talk about seeing this movie ever since the previews started airing. It was good. Not great, but still good.

Oh heyyy, Abbie!
Saturday was the next round of NCAA games. We met up with some friends and family to cheer on our UofA Wildcats. We won... thank the heavens.

Sunday was finally our chill day. We had NO plans... Until around 4pm... That's when B decided we should get ready. We went to a couple of stores before getting this beauty:

I have worn a plain silver band on my index finger since I was 18. This anniversary band is the perfect "update" of you will. Being with someone for 2 years gets you some shiny things, ladies!!

I absolutely love it, and love him even more!

Well, that was my weekend. How was yours?!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Saw it, Pinned it, DID IT!

Original pin found here

When I saw this idea, I knew I had to try it! It was simple, cheap, yet chic. Which pretty much defines "perfection" in my book!!

So then I took a whack at it:
1.Collect all the toilet paper/paper towel rolls you can get your hands on.
2. Smush (hey, got a better word?!) the roll flat.
3. Cut about every .5 inches. Or if you prefer a more dramatic piece, cut em thicker!!
4. Glue the comers of each piece to make a "flower".
5. Arrange the "flowers" into any design/shape you'd like. Now spray paint whatever color matches your décor. (Thanks for helping paint, B!)
(I made a cross with mine because I figured I could find any room to hang it in. Lets be honest, crosses are an easy home décor piece!)

There ya have it, easy peasey lemon squeezey!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Style

Raise your hand if your ready for spring!!
I know I am... Actually it has been spring time here in AZ. 80+ and no complaints from this girl! Now that it's spring, I've been updating my wardrobe with some springtime staples...

Military Madness

Being a former military brat, I am totally loving the military trend.

 Colored Jeans
I'm totally obsessed with colored jeans. I probably wear them more than regular blue jeans as of late. Any one who knows us, knows that B and I usually turn day fun into night fun... and this is the perfect outfit for Allday Fundays! Just wear the top during the day and throw the jacket on for a cool-downed night! Perfection!!

Maxi Skirts
Once again, anyone who knows me, knows I LIVE in this outfit. Maxi skirts are probably my favorite article of clothing right now. SO easy and effortless.

love-love-loving the nudes/tans/browns with turquoise jewelry.

Now you have my springtime staples, tell me some of yours!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy...

That pretty much sums up my weekend!

Friday after work, B and I rushed home to change into our UofA gear to watch the PAC12 semi-finals. Our boys didn't win, but we still had a blast with some friends!

Saturday we had a birthday party to attend... The weather could not have been any more perfect! 85 degrees and not a cloud in sight. Ari (the birthday girl) is obsessed with Hello Kitty and had a pinata as tall as me. The head on that thing was HUGE. See below...

After the bday party, we rushed off to the UofA baseball game. (We love our Wildcats, can ya tell?)
No filter. Can you believe we get to see that sky nightly. Yes, NIGHTLY! Good ole AZ!!

Sunday morning started at 4:30am for me. Our clinic had a booth at Susan Koman Race for a Cure. Brigetta Barret came by to thank all of the sponsors for  participating. I must say, this is THE sweet lady I have ever met! She's the silver medalist in high jump and Uof A Alum!

 And then it was off to more baseball! This time we caught the DBacks vs. the Padres. 

So there ya have it! Our busy sports filled weekend!

Friday, March 15, 2013

"Gotta Get Down on Friday..."

10 points if you can name that tune!

Actually, I'm hoping you don't know that song... It's that ridiculously annoying you-tube sensation from Rebbecca Black. If you need a refresher, have at it:

If you don't need the refresher, lets move on the better things!
High Five for Friday!!

1. I enrolled in the AACC's diploma of counseling program this week. I start my first block April 1st!

2. Barre. I LOVE it! It brings me back to my days as a miniature ballerina wanna-be, tap-dancing fool, and jazz dancing tot. BUT, I do NOT remember the barre exercises hurting this bad when I was 6! Nonetheless, I'm getting results. halle-freakin-lujah, it's about time!

3. Taking afternoon work breaks for Starbucks to get through the day.

4. I'm OBSESSED with neon fashion. Paired with white jeans, and I melt!

5. B and I mean-muggin in our new shades. Forgive the fact that I look like a hot mess, I was going to said Barre class...

Have a great weekend, lovers!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tee Time

While B continues to obsess about his new found love of all things "golf", I've decided to have a little Tee Time of my own!

There is nothing better than grabbing a cute pair of jeans and simple t-shirt to meet your girlfriends for brunch/shopping/lounging etc.

Here are a few of my recent finds:

found here

found here

found here

All from H&M, and all under $18!