Friday, March 15, 2013

"Gotta Get Down on Friday..."

10 points if you can name that tune!

Actually, I'm hoping you don't know that song... It's that ridiculously annoying you-tube sensation from Rebbecca Black. If you need a refresher, have at it:

If you don't need the refresher, lets move on the better things!
High Five for Friday!!

1. I enrolled in the AACC's diploma of counseling program this week. I start my first block April 1st!

2. Barre. I LOVE it! It brings me back to my days as a miniature ballerina wanna-be, tap-dancing fool, and jazz dancing tot. BUT, I do NOT remember the barre exercises hurting this bad when I was 6! Nonetheless, I'm getting results. halle-freakin-lujah, it's about time!

3. Taking afternoon work breaks for Starbucks to get through the day.

4. I'm OBSESSED with neon fashion. Paired with white jeans, and I melt!

5. B and I mean-muggin in our new shades. Forgive the fact that I look like a hot mess, I was going to said Barre class...

Have a great weekend, lovers!